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Hartzler Family Dairy

Eggnog Mini

Eggnog Mini

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Our delicious eggnog is known not just across the state, but across the country. We added eggnog as a holiday offering in 1998. Every year, we have a new design for our eggnog bottle. Start looking for the limited edition printed bottles the last week of October to add to your collection. The bottles for the rest of the season are labeled and have a slightly different design.

INGREDIENTS: Whole Milk, Cream, Sugar, Grade A Whey Solids, Grade A Non Fat Dry Milk, Salt, Corn Syrup, Pasteurized Sugared Egg Yolks, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Water, Spice, Salt, Annatto, Turmeric, Sorbic Acid, Mono & Di-Glycerides, Guar Gum, Tetra-Sodium, Pyrophosphate, Carrageenan, Standardized with Dextrose

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