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Peach Jam with Red Shiso & Umeboshi

Peach Jam with Red Shiso & Umeboshi

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tasting notes: shisho | bright peach | salted stone fruit
pairing suggestions: savory chicken and pork | sticky rice pudding | sake cocktails

Japanese-inspired preserve with Ohio peaches, locally grown red shiso, from Three Creeks Produce, and a high-quality, salted, Japanese plum paste (Umeboshi) lending a salinity that boosts the flavor of the peach. Red shiso, unlike its green counterpart, has less cinnamon flavor but a more anise forward, herbaceous note making this jam a perfect accompaniment to salted cheese, chicken & pork dishes. It would make a nice addition swirled into a sweet sticky rice pudding garnished with fresh stone fruit... or even tucked into the traditional Thai sticky rice, a well-known version made with coconut milk and fresh mango. 

ingredients: peaches, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice, red shiso, umeboshi paste (ume plums, sea salt, beefsteak leaf (shiso)), ume vinegar (ume plums, beefsteak leaf (shiso), sea salt)
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