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Perfume Rollerball

Perfume Rollerball

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The Lavender Sachet’s four most popular soap scents — Lavender, Sandalwood + Grapefruit, Ylang Ylang + Lime, Violet + Sweet Orange — can now be found as perfume rollers. The perfume rollers are the perfect size to throw in your purse on-the-go or place in your bedside table for a quick whiff before bed.

Lavender: The Lavender essential oil soothes the body/mind and promotes healthier sleep.
Sandalwood + Grapefruit: The Sandalwood provides a rich, grounding, sweet aroma while the citrusy grapefruit oil uplifts and brings a brightness to the overall scent. Together, they create an intoxicating scent.
Ylang Ylang + Lime: Ylang ylang, meaning “flower of flowers,” is a full-bodied, floral scent while the clean citrus aroma of the lime oil clears the mind and encourages positive mental energy.
Violet + Sweet Orange: The initial warm, floral scent from the violet is followed by a citrus burst is perfect for a morning shower or to wind down from the day.

Ingredients: Each essential oil combination is placed in an all-natural and skin-soothing base of sweet almond oil.

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